The number of releases is picking up again, with releases in June arguably being the strongest of this year. The following five records are our favourites from last month, and are listed in no particular order.

Fuzzy SunFake It

A record we absolutely love, Fuzzy Sun returned from a momentary hiatus at the end of June with their brand new single Fake It. With the record being self-recorded and produced, Fuzzy Sun have ensured their creativity cuts through in all areas of the new single; with masses amounts of energy packed into Fake It, the track has asserted itself as an instant summer anthem.

Fuzzy SunFake It

Lauran HibberdBleugh

Explicit, critical brand-new single from Lauran Hibberd switches between a dainty chorus to an overdriven, heavy verse. Lauran Hibberd does not hold back – her gritty (and scary) plosive vocals, matched with a guitar that dominates the stereo-field, encapsulates all possible attention.

Lauran HibberdBleugh

Wolf Alice Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice once again retain the Mercury-prize nominees and winners reputation with another spellbinding album. Despite a four-year wait (which was completely worth it), Blue Weekend  was released last month with Wolf Alice’s plethora of genres from a contrastingly heavy and elegant instrumentation, alongside beautifully written lyrics and music, making every track unique yet cohesive and recognisable as Wolf Alice.

Wolf Alice Blue Weekend

Japanese BreakfastJubilee

Beautiful and elegant, Japanese Breakfast’s third album is perfected in every second of every track. An absolute treat of an album, every track is pure silk in the flow, driven by the plethora of strings, and synthesisers are bathed in the delicate nature Japanese Breakfast perfects time and time again.

Japanese BreakfastJubilee

Wooze Witch Slap (IOU)

Wooze’s latest single Witch Slap (IOU) is a slightly more ‘honed-back’ record compared to their ‘whacky-synthetic’ sonic. Wooze place emphasis on quality over quantity, with all songs (including their latest) packed with destructive guitar riffs and drums, as well as a contrasting vocal duo combination, tipping the resulting ambience into an unconventional indie-rock record.

Listen to our New Music from June playlist here.

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